Career Counselor

Under the administrative supervision of designated supervisor, advise and counsel students in relation to academic programs; advise and counsel students and alumni concerning career plans; design and administer appropriate programs, services and activities to assist students and alumni with academic and/or career planning.

  1. Counsel and advise students and alumni, individually or in groups, on issues related to planning an academic program, choosing an educational or career goal.
  2. Develop, coordinate, facilitate, and/or present academic planning and career development modules and special workshops (e.g. choosing a major, resume development, identifying internship opportunities, etc.)
  3. Counsel and advise students in specific curriculum decisions including the choice and scheduling of courses, selection or change of majors and minors, etc., providing referrals to specific departments, schools or colleges as appropriate.
  4. Review academic records as required for students with academic difficulties, transfer students, and degree candidates.
  5. Counsel and advise students and alumni in making career related decisions, using assessment instruments where appropriate;  assist students (and alumni) in the use of existing resources for learning about careers of interest to them; critique resumes, and assist with programs and services related to placement activities.
  6. Serve as liaison and resource with academic and/or student services departments/organizations as assigned.
  7. Organize and present outreach programs for classes, academic departments, residence halls and student organizations related to academic advising and career development issues.
  8. Prepare, organize, and maintain appropriate resources, reports and statistical summaries.
  9. Supervise staff and students as assigned.
  10. Provide information on specific programs, and make referrals where appropriate, to services offered by the college/university or by organizations outside for the educational and/or career enhancement of the individual.
  11. Assist with administrative responsibilities as assigned.
  12. Serve on committees and at meetings as assigned.
  13. Perform related duties as assigned.

U.G / P.G


Effective communication, pleasing attire, situation handling ability.


0-3 years

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